Selected List of Authors

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Hunter S. Thompson
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail
The Great Shark Hunt
The Curse of  Lono

12SimpleSecretsRealMomsKnowMichele Borba
12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know
Parents Do Make a Difference
Building Moral Intelligence
No More Misbehavin’
Don’t Give Me That Attitude
Nobody Likes Me

Michael Gurian
The Minds of Boys
Boys and Girls Learn Differently
The Good Son
A Fine Young Man
The Wonder of Boys

YoungFolkSongBookBob Dylan
Young Folk

BuryMyHeartFrontCoverDee Brown 
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Joan Acocella
Creating Hysteria

Elisabeth Bing
Six Practical Lessons for an Easier Childbirth

Phyllis Chesler
The New Anti-Semitism

Vine Deloria Jr.
Custer Died For Your Sins

Jewell Taylor Gibbs
Children of Color

Harvard Medical School
Guide to Suicide Assessment and Intervention

Robert Kegan
How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work

Thomas Likona
Raising Good Kids

Howard Markman and Scott Stanley
Fighting For Your Marriage

Christina Maslach and Michael Leiter
The Truth About Burnout

Joyce Maynard
Internal Combustion

Branch Rickey
The American Diamond

Margaret Singer
Cults in Our Midst

Hans Steiner
Treating Adolescents
The Handbook of Psychiatric Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Tom Wolfe, Nora Ephron
The New York Spy

James Wood
What’s Wrong with the Rorschach?

Photo & Art

WarholIndexBookAndy Warhol
The Index Book

Andre Emmerich
Art Before Columbus

Lorraine Hansberry
The Movement

Lee Lockwood
Castro’s Cuba, Cuba’s Fidel

Danny Lyon
The Bikeriders
The Destruction of Lower Manhattan
Conversation with the Dead

Bill Owens
Our Kind of People

Ralph Steadman


OutOnALimbCoverShirley MacLaine
Out On A Limb
Dancing in the Light

ManchildClaude Brown
Manchild in the Promised Land

RevoltOfTheCockroachPeopleOscar Acosta
The Revolt of the Cockroach People
The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo

Sylvia Ashton-Warner

Frank Capra
The Name Above the Title

Woody Guthrie
Born to Win

John Lennon
Lennon Remembers