I’ve been an acquisitions and developmental editor at major publishing houses for many years. Consequently I’ve had in-depth diverse experience with hundreds of authors, including notable literary authors as well as bestselling commercial genre writers. I’ve also edited a broad range of nonfiction books including memoirs, histories and biographies, and works in many other fields. Please see my ABOUT page and AUTHOR LIST for more detail.

Fees are billed on a flat rate or hourly basis, depending on the project and agreed upon in advance. Estimates of cost are provided.

Manuscript consultation

Want some feedback on the germ of an idea, an outline, proposal or completed manuscript? I consult with authors to discuss core issues in content, structure and style, and provide guidelines for specific solutions.

 Developmental Editing

I encourage writers to send me their manuscripts early on in the process, the sooner the better, to avoid getting off on the wrong track. I can work with partial or completed manuscripts, either fiction or nonfiction.

In developmental editing, I go through the entire book page by page, suggesting alterations in the plot, concept, character development, visual description, pacing, and literary style of the book, inserting “tracked changes” where needed, including deletions, requests for additional text, and other polish.

 Self-publishing Advice

I welcome authors who are considering the option of self-publishing. In addition to my usual developmental editing services, I offer advice on special issues related to self-publishing, including jacket and interior design, sales, marketing, publicity and choosing among vendors offering self-publishing services.

 Speaking and Leading Workshops

I appear regularly before small groups and larger audiences at solo writers seminars and workshops, writers conferences, formal academic courses, professional trainings and other events.