I’ve been a developmental and acquisitions editor at major publishing houses for many years. Consequently I’ve had in-depth diverse experience with hundreds of authors, including notable literary authors as well as bestselling commercial writers. Genres I’ve edited and published include literary fiction, short stories, mystery, science fiction, paranormal, thrillers, dystopian fiction, and young adult. I’ve also edited a broad range of nonfiction books including memoirs, histories and biographies, and works in many other fields. Please see my ABOUT page and AUTHOR LIST for more detail.

Fees are billed on a flat rate or hourly basis, depending on the project and agreed upon in advance. Estimates of cost are provided.

Editorial Consultation

I like to work with a writer as early as possible in the creative process, even if there are only notes, an outline, or draft pages. This helps the writer stay on the right track, and I enjoy collaborating step-by-step through each iteration. I’m never vague or generalized about what needs to be done, but specific and concrete. That means I don’t say “It’s too long” but rather “This scene could be deleted…these two characters can be combined…”

An editorial consultation is intended ordinarily for a project where there’s no completed draft or the level of what’s written so far isn’t ready yet for developmental editing.

Developmental Editing

For a manuscript that’s ready for developmental editing, I read it through several times to study the plot, concept, character development, pacing, and literary style. Then I do a full page-by-page line edit, which may include surgical and wholesale deletions, shifts and restructuring within sentences, paragraphs, scenes, chapters, suggested new language for transitions, dialogue, visual and sensory description, and other polish as needed. Since every insert is made with tracked changes in Word, the author is free to accept, reject, or improve upon the suggested edits.

These steps are largely the same for both fiction and non-fiction.

I also offer advice about finding a literary agent and traditional publisher, or the increasingly popular option of self-publishing.

Speaking and Leading Workshops

I’m available to speak before small groups and larger audiences at writers seminars and workshops, writers conferences, formal academic courses, professional trainings and other events.