I’ve had the great pleasure to work with writers as an editor and publisher for many years. A love of reading that began in childhood fueled a deep respect for writers, and a dedication to being a friend, fan, coach, advocate and champion of their work.

After graduating from Harvard College with a degree in English literature, I began working in the book business, both as an independent editor with private clients, and as an acquiring and developmental editor at major publishing houses in the industry.

My background in publishing has included serving as Director of Trade Publishing at Bantam Books, and as Vice President and Associate Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine and President of Straight Arrow, the book division of Rolling Stone. Other positions have included Executive Editor of John Wiley & Sons, and editorial positions at Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Holt and the Grove Press.

As an industry insider, I’ve been able to give my private clients a unique perspective on how to get published. I know what literary agents and publishers are looking for and how they decide to take on a project. I’ve also worked with many authors who have chosen to self publish.

So how do you get published? How do you decide if traditional or self-publishing is the best path for your book? These are questions I address in my blog and at seminars, workshops and writers conferences all over the country.

I’ve edited New York Times bestsellers and other titles that have sold millions of copies. But writers who are at the beginning of their careers have always been my specialty and my passion. I enjoy discovering new authors, helping them figure out what they’re trying to say, developing their books in a literary and practical collaboration, and getting their work launched in the world of art and commerce.